Immersive and captivating projection at Take Festival by Catag, creating panoramic worlds with sound elements.

Take Festival

Panoramic projection at Take Festival featuring an immersive and dreamlike environment

Take-Festival is an independent festival for fashion and arts held in Vienna in 2017. Catag created a projection of panoramic worlds with sound elements by Ruja Kiss, transforming the venue of „Alte Post“ into a unique and extraordinary setting for contemporary fashion and art. The festival aimed to showcase and connect national and international creative positions at the intersection of fashion, art, and everyday culture. It featured shows, exhibitions, artist presentations, and other creative disciplines, including the promotion of young talents in fashion, accessory, jewelry design, photography, and film. The festival also included the AFA-Austrian Fashion Awards, community shows, Take Talks, and individual projects showcased in the Take Parcours format. The Take-Festival for Independent Fashion and Arts aimed to bring contemporary fashion and creative disciplines to a broader audience.