Collaborative and improvisational live performance by Catag at 674fm.


Catag's audiovisual concert featuring a captivating performance by the artist duo and their unique blend of electronic and street art

Catag, the dynamic artist duo, has made a significant contribution to the world of urban art through their collaborative approach with other artists and musicians. One of the notable collaborations is with graffiti artist AJ Polonia, whose vast collection of graffiti drawings serves as a foundation for Catag’s work. With their live VJ sets, Catag reacts to AJ Polonia’s drawings in a manner that is flexible and spontaneous, much like musicians in a jam session. One of their most impressive aspects is their collaborative and improvisational approach to their live performances, which features a dynamic and interactive audiovisual performance that is constantly evolving.

Catag’s support for other artists and musicians is also noteworthy. They have collaborated with a wide range of creative professionals, offering an infinite pool of inspiration for their own work.

Their live VJ set is a perfect example of this. It features generative animated drawing and colorful digital paintings that create mesmerizing and vibrant compositions. These paintings showcase the artists‘ unique visual language, which blends traditional painting techniques with cutting-edge digital tools and techniques.

Through their collaborations with other artists, Catag has built a reputation for being a platform for artistic innovation and experimentation. They continue to push boundaries and explore new avenues in the intersection of electronic music and street art.