Catag's live visuals at the annual re:publica conference in Berlin adds a dynamic element, bringing together the digital and artistic worlds.


Colorful digital painting by Catag featuring an abstract pattern with vibrant hues

re:publica, the annual conference that addresses the web 2.0 and information society, hosted the Denkfabrik in 2019 to discuss digital transformations in Berlin. Catag, the artist duo, was present to provide live visuals throughout the three-day event. Discussions and workshops were held on a variety of topics such as media, culture, politics, technology, and entertainment. The presence of Catag’s live visuals added a dynamic element to the conference, bringing the digital and artistic worlds together. The integration of art and technology is a significant aspect of Catag’s work, and their participation at re:publica highlights the importance of art in the digital age. By combining traditional and new media, Catag encourages discussions on the role of art and technology in shaping our society’s future.