Catag Interventions 2014 - 2021

An intervention in the visual arts is, according to its intention and its public perception, an intervention in existing contexts in the public exterior and interior. In contrast to the installation, this happens without a commission and is usually illegal. In this respect, the intervention is comparable to street art and urban art. The focus is similar to the performance in the mostly temporary existence and less on the permanent objects left behind.

The intervention takes place in indoor and outdoor spaces. It addresses socio-social, cultural, functional, spatial and material aspects of what has been changed. Alluding to intervention in politics, artistic intervention often addresses the antagonism between power and powerlessness.

Similar to graffiti and street art, intervention is often realized without commission or permission. Materials of any kind as well as non-objective and ephemeral things like time, light, sound and movement in space can be used in an intervention.