I-BlogLAB is an innovative online learning platform designed to teach digital skills such as blogging, vlogging, and podcasting for kids and teenagers aged 10-15 years. The platform offers a variety of interactive educational opportunities, including the I-BLOG LAB I Live-Studio, a virtual space designed to provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.


I-BlockLAB by Catag offers an innovative educational platform for children and young people aged 10-15

I-BlogLAB is an innovative online platform for children and young adults aged 10-15. The platform features a fun and engaging live control room and innovative educational content designed to inspire creativity and encourage critical thinking. In the I-BlogLAB, Catag uses a range of advanced technology including live cameras, laptops, switchers, screens, microphones, and projectors to create an immersive and interactive learning experience.

One of the key goals of I-BlogLAB is to help children and young adults develop their creativity and communication skills. Through a series of fun and educational activities, participants learn how to express themselves through various media including photography, video, and written content. The platform encourages collaboration and interaction, with participants working together to create unique and engaging content.

In addition to their work with I-BlogLAB, Catag is also known for their support of other artists, musicians, and authors. Their live performances often feature a collaborative and improvisational approach, with Catag working closely with other artists to create dynamic and engaging audiovisual experiences. This approach has earned them a loyal following in the world of experimental music and street art.

Overall, Catag’s commitment to education and collaboration has helped them establish themselves as a leading innovator in the world of audiovisual art. Whether working with children through I-BlogLAB or collaborating with other artists on their live performances, Catag’s focus on creativity and communication continues to inspire and engage audiences around the world.